Does Venncal only work with Google and Microsoft Calendars?

Currently you must have a Google or Microsoft account to have a Venncal account, however we indend to build an integration for iCloud (Apple).

Meanwhile, if you have Google or Microsoft account, but also use another calendar, Venncal can access those calendars with a subscription through your Microsoft or Google Calendar.

Follow this guide on how to do it for iCloud.

What if the people I am scheduling an event with doesn't have Venncal?

That's no problem. Once they open your event link they can connect their own calendar (if they have a Google or Microsoft account) or choose their availability manually from a list.

Can you guarantee that no one can see the events in my calendar?

Yes. Venncal can't even see the events in your calendar – only when you're free/busy, and the availability will only ever be shown as your group's mutual availability.

How is Venncal different than Calendly?

Calendly and Venncal alike work well for 1-1 scheduling, but where Calendly exposes your availability to anyone on a half-hourly detail, Venncal will only ever show your availability to others as your group's mutual availability.

... and Venncal relieves the person on the other end from the endless tab-switching.

How is Venncal different than Doodle?

Doodle and Venncal alike work well for groups, but even with Doodle's Calendar integrations you still have to manually pick out the times that works well for you. With Venncal you do that once and for all with one-time setup and a click of a button.

My calendar allows me to check my contacts calendars already, why should I switch?

Yeah, so your contacts didn't actually consent to that – and it typically only works if you and the other participants are using the same calendar.

Use Venncal so you never have to search through dates and times to find a spot that works for y'all – and you'll get privacy and integrations on the side.

Does Venncal integrate into my workflows?

We hope so! But for now, Venncal works best with your hands-on workflows.

In the future, you'll be able to integrate Venncal into your workflows using our REST API and web-hooks.

Please contact sales to discuss early access.

Can I embed Venncal into my online platform or website?

You will be. We're working on a white label embeddable widget build for companies building products that require scheduling.

Please contact sales to discuss early access.