Our commitment to carbon removal

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Recently, we announced paid plans for professional use, but we did something else too: we have committed to contribute 5% of all subscriptions to the removal of carbon atmosphere.

As an ambitious company we believe it's our responsibility to help fund carbon removal. Even if our contributions start small, they'll grow as we grow.

Our paid plans start at $8 per month, meaning that the average user will contribute ~$5 per year. It may not look of much, but multiply that by the number of paid users – and numbers start to add up: 1,000 users = $5,000 contributed; 10K = $50K, 100K = $0.5M. That's a lot of money!

The project is organized by Stripe, our payment provider, who handles all payments and automatically direct 5% of all payments to the Stripe Climate program. Thus, we ensure that to live up to our commitment, while making it crystal clear, how much you are contributing with each payment.

'Historical emissions via Stripe Climate'

We can only recommend diving deeper into the works of Stripe Climate, but the short story is, that they work with top scientific experts to invest in the most promising carbon removal technologies:

Existing carbon removal solutions such as reforestation and soil carbon sequestration are important, but they alone are unlikely to scale to the size of the problem. New carbon removal technologies need to be developed—ones that have the potential to be high volume and low cost by 2050—even if they aren’t yet mature.

Since we just launched payments there is little to report on our contributions, but we'll make sure to keep you updated on progress.

Finally, a massive recognition to Stripe for driving the efforts and making it so easy for businesses to take responsibility 🙏

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